Welcome to Best Meditations, a site dedicated to helping you relieve stress and obtain well being through the power of meditation. With our help, you can achieve a balanced life full of happiness,  joy and riches.

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The act of Meditation has different meanings and approaches to one central concept- the state of total relaxation in which you transcend the mind, focus on breathing, and as some believe, open your body to receive cosmic energy.

Throughout History, “meditation” or similar variations have been used to evoke concentration and a  focused attention. It fulfills a fundamental need for silence, self-reflection, and inner peace.

There is growing evidence that suggests many benefits associated with meditations, such as lower blood pressure,  reduced risk for heart disease, and ease for anxiety disorders. These benefits support the notion that our physical health is related directly to our mental state. Quite often our inner turmoil can wreak havoc on our bodies. By taking time to nurture our minds and get into a state of relaxation, we can avoid many stress related ailments.


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